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Upcycling Bo Bunny Garden Grove Product Packaging

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Hi There! It’s Lynda from Scrapbook with Lynda and I’m so excited to be back to share some projects with you. When I opened the design team box and found the Bo Bunny Garden Grove collection my first impression was how beautiful the product packaging is, so I decided upcycling it was the thing to do.

Upcycled Tags from the Bo Bunny Garden Grove Collection

I’ve recently gotten interested in junk journals, so decided a few upcycling projects would be perfect to share with you. And you guessed it, the first project I’m sharing is upcycling the product packaging into tags.

upcycling product packaging, bobunny, fotobella

Can you believe these two beautiful tags were made from Bo Bunny Garden Grove packaging? Let’s look at each one.

Upcycling the Layered Chipboard Stickers Product Packaging

Upcycling the layered chipboard stickers product packaging was super simple, because the front of the packaging is already so beautiful.

upcycling product packaging, bobunny, fotobella

All I did was add a bit of washi tape, and a couple stickers from the collection along with torn book paper, to cover the text, then threaded lace and ribbons through the hanger. That’s all it took to alter the front into this beautiful tag.

upcycling product packaging, bobunny, fotobella

The back took a bit more work, but it wasn’t much! Covered the back of the product packaging with paper from the collection, then added a large sticker along with a bit of torn book paper. It was just that simple to transform the Bo Bunny Garden Grove product packaging in to a lovely tag for my junk journal.

Tag Made from Noteworthy Product Packaging

My favorite product packaging belongs to the Noteworthy package, which if full of fun die cuts. This one has a flap, so I decided to utilize it to make a tag that opens.

Paper from the collection along with a couple die cuts and stickers really transformed the Noteworthy packaging.

On the inside a large die cut plus a bit of book paper makes a great belly band. Behind the belly band I tucked another die cut from the Noteworthy pack. The bottom section was transformed with a bit of paper and a sticker.

On the back I decided to add a pocket to hold a few tags from the Noteworthy pack. The final touch was to staple a bit of ribbon and lace to the top of the tag.

Both of these tags will make great additions to the junk journal I’m working on, plus they were super fun to make. Instead of adding the upcycling product packaging to the recycle trash, I upcycled them into two beautiful tags.

Please stop by next week to see my next upcycle project using the Bo Bunny Garden Grove collection. In the meantime check out my Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages to see other projects I’m creating.

Happy Scrapping!

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